Garage Door Repair

East Coast Overhead Door provides both residential and commercial garage door repair services for all brands and models.  Our technicians are highly-trained and fully equipped to handle any garage door repair job, no matter how big or small

Even the best garage doors need maintaining.  On the whole garage doors are relatively low maintenance, but they are not immune to problems.  Here are some of the garage door repairs we often see:

Door track problems

The door needs to run smoothly along the track to operate properly; even a slight misalignment or deviation can cause problems.  The track can become bent or misaligned for a number of reasons: Bumping into the door, slamming the door too hard, dirt and debris clogging up the track.

In some cases the door may come off the track entirely.  Track problems can cause the door to get stuck when opening or closing.  If the track is seriously bent the door could even jump off, a potentially dangerous situation!

If you have a manual door you might notice that the door feels stiff or heavy, this would be a sign that there is a problem with the track/roller.

Spring problems

Most garage door springs will wear out eventually with long-term use.  A problem with the springs could cause the door to not stay open, or not open at all.

Electric opener issues

If the door won’t open the first step is to check the batteries.  If it’s still not working after replacing the batteries then there’s either a problem with the remote or the receiver in the door unit.  This is something an engineer can help to diagnose and more importantly fit.

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