What Happens if You Don’t Maintain Your Garage Door?

Garage doors get used day and night for hundreds of days, seemingly without problem (for most people at least).  They are generally very sturdy and able to stand up to a significant amount of use without issue.  It’s easy to assume then that garage doors take care of themselves and don’t need maintaining.  But those who have paid to have theirs repaired will tell you otherwise.

Garage door springs for instance don’t have unlimited use.  They are generally good for 10,000 cycles (open and close is one cycle), but eventually they will need replacing.  In rare cases the worn springs can even cause the door to fall.

Garage doors maintain insulation and protect against rain, snow and wind thanks to weatherstripping around the bottom/edges.  This weatherstripping can wear over time, leaving your garage vulnerable to the outside elements.  Check for cracks or brittleness that shows the weatherstripping is wearing.

By being exposed to the outside of your house, over many months and years your garage door is subject to repeated wind, rain and dirt which overtime sticks and finds it’s way into the many components and mechanics components and mechanics that open and close your door.

Without cleaning your garage door, it’s mechanics can get dirty with grime, become less effective and nuts/bolts can work their way loose.

When you don’t maintain your garage door repairs can get more expensive.  You don’t always need to do a lot to maintain your garage door.  Being vigilant when opening and closing the garage can help you to spot inefficiencies before they become a bigger – more expensive repair problem.